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Why do we travel? “Because it leaves you speechless then turns you into a storyteller.”

Threads & Travel is a travel and lifestyle website with a big point of difference. It’s a pure travel editorial journey with an additional personalised travel booking option rather than a travel agency website with a blog.


Cidonie has been a travel and lifestyle editor and writer in the media industry for over 18 years, she’s travelled to 50+ countries and has a pure joy and passion for every type of travel experience. You can read more about her journey and work experience here.

Her readers and followers often enquire about her itinerary and tips for planning their similar trips.  It was because of this she realised the only missing part of the equation was not able to help her readers directly book similar experiences. She also believes there is a gap in the market for non-millennial travel options for women wanting to travel solo and families wanting more bespoke travel options. She partnered with her longtime travel agent Vanessa, to help fill the need for the increasing requests.


Vanessa has been in the travel industry working with one of the largest global travel agencies for over ten years. She has sent people on every imaginable type of travel journey and to every continent in the world. Vanessa believes whether you want to explore the most famous cities in the world or the most remote villages well off the beaten track. “There is no better feeling than changing something from an idea to a reality and watching my clients’ ideas come to life.”

Vanessa can offer the complete travel planning service. Carrying out the research, planning and booking for all of your travel needs. She believes in being easily accessible; something internet booking engines simply can’t offer. Vanessa prides herself on always being available via a text message, phone call or email away during your travels for when plans can unexpectedly change and so you can quickly find a solution to carry on your next adventure.

You’ll seldom meet two individuals with more combined travel experience and passion in helping people to see our beautiful world than Cidonie and Vanessa.  Both with families and well respected and successful in their individual careers, they know what people are looking for in an escape or in an adventure that will create memories for a lifetime. Specializing in family travel, solo travel, women’s group travel, couples travel and single-parenting travel, they know travel for the new modern wanderer needs flexibility.

Disclaimer: It’s the Threads & Travel promise to not only offer the best quality service in booking your dream adventure but to also offer honest journalistic integrity without a biased agenda. We only act to inspire you for your next travel dreams and help you make the necessary plans to make it a reality. All partnerships and collaborations we take on will always be disclosed. We will only work with and endorse brands that approach marketing from an honest perspective and which will ultimately help our readers and clients enjoy better travel and lifestyle experiences and destinations.

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