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A little bit about the girl behind the blog

If you’re reading this, you’re probably a little interested in who the journalist behind the blog is.

I’m an Australian, mother of three, who has always lived a life of style and adventure and I’m currently calling Dallas, Texas home. My career, like most people’s, has had some incredible highs and lows, but mostly highs.

I’ve held titles such as Writer, Stylist, Fashion Editor, Beauty Editor, Travel Editor, Blogger, Senior Editor, Marketer, Content Strategist, PR Manager, Editor-in-Chief and Publisher. Yes, I know it’s a lot of titles, but it’s just the evolution of working in the media since the 90s.

If you want more on my career history, you can click HERE.

My most important job title is wife and mother of three or ‘Home Maker’ which I recently filed on my visa application upon moving to the USA. I’ve lived in Australia, Nepal, China, and now the USA and I’ve travelled to around 40- 45 countries. The reason I say ‘around’ is that I don’t tend to count the countries where I’ve only been in transit. I kind of believe a country worth writing about means you have had to spend at least 24-48 hours in!

I love travel in all of its forms, whether it’s adventure travel, family travel, solo travel or group travel and I tend to go off-the-beaten-path and take more of an adventurous route when I’m travelling by myself. I love solo travel, and I like to inspire other women to have the confidence to travel solo just once. And here’s a controversial little secret – you don’t need to be single or in your 20s or a digital nomad, or a silver-haired retiree to travel solo – you really don’t!

I also love travelling with my family, and I love that I’m inspiring my kids to become global citizens because I know it will make them more open-minded, diverse and independent big people.

When I’m not travelling, I’m writing, reading or hanging out with my family. I love the ocean, big cities and the mountains equally because I love anywhere with a great view and feeling the energy of being somewhere new. When I’m not planning my next big adventure, you can find me exploring my local town and finding the best coffee and food places, unique shops, art walls and places of interest. Because I also believe you can find adventure in your backyard too if you know where to look!

Threads & Travel is a platform for my work, a tool for my clients and a portfolio of my career.  Additionally, if I can inspire you also to travel and you’d like my help then contact me so my travel partner and I can help you make your next dream adventure a reality.

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